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Bell’s Brewery Eccentric Café

The brief

Organizers of the 13th annual Eccentric Day at Bell’s Brewery wanted to mark the day with a bang.

Bell’s Eccentric Café in downtown Kalamazoo was set to be packed with hundreds of guests embracing the “come as you aren’t” theme and showing off their eccentric personalities.

Live music, DJs and live band karaoke added to the liveliness of the event, and organizers wanted to capture the fun and eccentricity of the day and give guests a keepsake from the annual gathering.

The Work

Tommy Entertainment created a bespoke Mirror Me experience with custom templates, animations and overlays in keeping with the Eccentric theme.

The Mirror Me was the perfect choice to capture all the color and fun at Kalamazoo’s largest dress up party.

Guests loved playing up to the Mirror and showing off their own homages to all things weird, different and unique.

GIFs and Boomerangs were also created as guests came back and forth to the Mirror Me to make sure their alter ego was perfectly captured.

The Results

400 plus weird and wonderful eccentrics were captured in all of their glory by the Mirror Me

Unlimited printing gave guests at the Eccentric Day the chance to take home a printed, branded pic of their eccentric costumes and the fun to be hand in downtown Kalamazoo

Social media shares featuring the event hashtag and Bell’s logo increased, driving interest in both the event and Bell’s Brewery.

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