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McLaren Hospital

The brief

McClaren Hospital wanted to engage their employees and help reinvigorate them during the roll out of the hospital’s new slogan.

The team at McClaren Hospital organized an employee engagement event in February 2018 that reflected the new slogan: “Doing What’s Best” and in September 2018, they hosted and after-hours Chamber of Commerce

Tommy Media were engaged to drive maximum interaction and inspire employees and the business community to get to know each other better and enhance positivity, employee engagement and pride at the hospital.

The Work

In February and September, Tommy Entertainment fully customized the Mirror Me photo booth to reflect the hospital’s new logo.

The Tommy Entertainment team encouraged guests to step up and discover the fun of the Mirror Me and use it as a way to get to know their colleagues drove interaction, during the February event.

This was the perfect icebreaker for hospital employees and the custom animations, overlays and on-screen games not only reflected the new slogan but also added a shot of fun to the events.

The September event also featured Tommy DJ’ing and setting the mood for the relaxed networking event.

The Results

More than 300 employees and businesspeople interacted with the McClaren Hospital’s new logo

Employees were able to engage with each other and feel valued by the hospital and more of a part of the rebrand process

The Chamber of Commerce event successfully brought the business community and McClaren Hospital together and allowed for a more informal method of networking

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